“Ex5 is the embodiment of a vision to produce and deliver content that not only entertains and informs us, but also elevates our lives.”



TORNA (parent company of Ex5) got its start in 2018 as a partnership between long time friends James DeWitt and Michael Wilson. Founded in an industrial warehouse in Olathe, KS, TORNA set out with the vision of becoming a diverse group of premier media brands and consumer products. Ex5, as TORNA’s first publication, debuted in September of 2018 with the goal of producing and distributing factual, yet easy to understand, answers to some of the world’s more interesting questions.

We Are Driven By A
Guiding Set Of Principles

At Ex5, we have a set of internal guidelines that drive what type of content we produce.


1 – Commit to producing fact-based content.

2 – Appreciate that there are no absolutes in the world.

3 – Interject comedic relief where appropriate.

4 – Providing editorial transparency where appropriate.

5 – Add value to the readers experience as often as possible.


Our Guests

For the Ex5 Podcast, we work with guests across a variety of backgrounds to answer some of the world’s most interesting questions. While we may have celebrities on, from time to time, we seek to interview everyday men and women who are respected in their fields. We always interview face-to-face and never over the phone or Skype. While we do allow explicit language, it’s rarely used as there are ground rules for the show’s content which can be found here.


At Ex5, we are proud to say that the production of content (across all channels) is done completely in-house. We maintain a 1,200 square foot industrial warehouse where we record, edit and publish the Ex5 Podcast – as well as our articlesexplainers, series, and films. We do this in order to maintain the quality and evolution of all content we produce.



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