PodcastsScience & HealthEx5 Podcast Episode 1: Prosthetics and Amputation

1 year ago2 min

Husband, father, drummer, cancer survivor and amputee, Billy Brimblecom, talks openly and candidly with Ex5 about his cancer diagnosis, surgery, amputation, prosthetics, and the struggle to rebuild himself post-surgery. Billy also shares his ideal sneaker-pairings to accompany a prosthesis, his passion for helping others as Executive Director for Steps of Faith, and his excitement about Thundergong, a charity event hosted by his good friend and comedian, Jason Sudekis.

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Website:  http://www.stepsoffaithfoundation.org/

Email:  [email protected]

Instagram:  @stepsoffaithfoundation

Twitter:  @movingamputees

Facebook:  @StepsOfFaithFoundation

Facebook:  @ThundergongbyStepsOfFaith

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