History & CulturePodcastsEx5 Podcast Episode 7: Guns

1 year ago2 min

Regardless of your opinion on guns, there’s no debate that they exist in the world today and are protected in the United States by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Gun experts Brent Keltner and Greg Langner give us a primer on the different types of firearms, how they work, how they are used, safety rules, and what some of the buzz words we hear in the media actually mean.

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Greg Langner

Website:  http://www.tagunsandgear.com/

Email:  [email protected]

Facebook:  @tagunsandgear

Instagram:  @tagunsandgear


Brent Keltner

Website:  https://missionspec.com/

Instagram:  @missionspec

Facebook:  @missionspec

Twitter:  @MissionSpec1

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/missionspec1


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