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Sneaker care is extremely important.  While it always feels like the shoe salesman is trying to up-sell us with some type of protecting spray, there’s actually real value to buying these products and properly applying them.  You don’t have to buy the cheapest shoes for your eight year-old because you know he’ll destroy them, and you don’t have to constantly replace shoes because they become dirty and yellowed if you take some simply proactive steps.

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Adding a coat of NeverWet or Crep Protect can enhance the life of your shoes exponentially.  It’s all about applying these sealants before the first wear and letting the chemicals set up.  These products create a molecular barrier between the material in your shoes and external forces, whether that’s dirt, ketchup or a healthy dose of pigeon droppings.

You can spill red wine on your shoes and it truly won’t leave a mark!

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