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While meth (methamphetamine) and Adderall are both amphetamines, Adderall and meth are not the same thing.  Chemically, the two are very similar, altering brain chemistry and how messages are sent between brain nerve cells in order to increase a person’s concentration and focus.  Because amphetamines are stimulants, they have the ability to provide a euphoric high, helping the consumer to stay up later and suppress their appetite.  Adderall, unlike meth, is legal when prescribed but does have the addictive qualities of its illegal counterpart.  Both drugs can cause irritability, paranoia, hostility and excessive weight loss, among other side-effects.

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The biggest difference, other than legality, is that meth is designed purely for the user to get high and move as quickly as possible from the bloodstream into the brain.  It’s often made using highly toxic chemicals that compound its already dangerous side effects which include psychosis, memory loss, aggression, and violence.  The added toxins can also damage the brain, liver, kidneys and lungs.

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