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Even with access to all-star athletes, celebrities and the glamour of professional sports, the best perk of being a mascot is something beyond anything money can buy.  The game is over.  The event is wrapped-up.  They may have a 5 hour drive ahead of them.  They may be completely exhausted.  The only thing that really matters is that they made someone’s day better and brighter.  The best perk is the personal fulfillment that comes as a result of making a difference in the lives of others.

Ex5 Podcast Episode 2: Behind The Mascot

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The person behind the mascot feeds off of the energy in the crowd, knowing their role is to bring joy to others.  They want to give you access to a character you love, keep you smiling and leave you with the “feel-goods.”

Listen to the full podcast: Spotify | iTunes.

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